Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What Do These Pictures Have In Common?Guest Post by Matt Bowman

The link between these two subjects may not be readily apparent to the untrained eye, but I assure you the link is very, very real. Let's break it down.

Now my man crush on Tim Tebow & my unquestioned devotion to Gator football is well documented & at times an embarrassing thing to behold. If you need to know something about Tim Tebow's career, his back story, Gator football, or college football in general, just let me know, & I can fill you in on some pretty minute details. Apparently, Valerie finds such discussions boring & stupid. Please pray for her, she doesn't understand. However, while I disagree with her feelings about football, I think I'm beginning to understand the general feeling.

Valerie has always been (how shall I say this nicely?) frugal. Yeah, that's it frugal. But recently she's gotten into this coupon thing. It's become an obsession really. There are piles of coupons all over my house. It's like being on an episode of Hoarders, but in the end she does use them. Now I'm all for saving money; it's great. But I don't need to hear all about the how the coupon on First Aid Kits was so good that you actually made money by purchasing them (even though we don't need them). Great we saved money, next topic please.

I guess this is how Valerie feels when she asked who won the football game, & I begin to break the game down like an ESPN analyst. I still don't understand why, I mean come on, it's SEC football. But if the way I feel after listening to a half-hour sermon on the virtues of couponing (not to mention having to read about it on her blog) is how she feels after listening to me breakdown the Gators' latest win, then I think I'm going to stop talking about football because the coupon talk makes me want to jab something, anything in my ears to block it out.


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  2. by the way, when valerie was checking this post before publishing it, she got all excited about the Scotties Tissue coupon in the picture of all the coupons. I told's a sickness

  3. You removed your post? Who does that remind me of?

    Mom, because I don't know how to comment as anything else.

  4. I didn't remove anything!!!! Matt accidentally commented as me since he was on under my name when writing the original post. He deleted it, but it is still showing up... I might could delete it totally, but I haven't really tried.

    As for my actual response to the post: blah, blah, blah...

  5. Wow. First of all, I just want to say that Matt admitted to having a crush on Tim Tebow. I mean, I'm all about loving football and all that. But a crush? As for coupons, I think I would like Valerie to come to my house and clip some. Then maybe I will use them. Thanks you two, for making me privy to your not-so-secret obsessions.

  6. hahahaha. I love it! At our house it is guitar/music talk that Michael Paul bores me with. And I guess I bore him with a lot of things. I tend to be very unnecessarily detailed about everything I talk about.

    I need you to teach me how you coupon. I tried it for all of 2 weeks a while back and it didn't seem worth it to me. I never saved more than a couple of dollars. I clearly wasn't doing it right.