Sunday, February 14, 2010

Our Valentine's Day

My husband thinks Valentine's Day is an absolutely pointless "holiday" that is only around in order for retailers to sell a bunch of junk. Fortunately, I'm not a huge fan of Valentine's Day either. Last week, I told Matt that all I wanted was a card with something nice written in it. Then, I told him that Publix had $.99 Hallmark coupons all over the place, so a $.99 Hallmark card would only cost $.08 in tax. He "splurged" and decided to spend $.24 - 1 card for each of us girls! Julia and Audrey loved getting Valentine cards from their Daddy. Audrey loved that her Valentine had a picture of a dog on it - Julia said that Matt wrote too much on her card. She might think that now, but I have a feeling Julia will eventually think all his writing is mighty special!

We were planning on going out to eat after church today, but we didn't. I'm not going into the details behind our not going - I would probably come across a little crazy in that explanation... Instead, we made a big breakfast for lunch. Cinnamon pancakes, cheesy eggs, breakfast potatoes, and apples! yum, yum!

Tonight, we cooked hotdogs on our "campfire" and ate outside. After hotdogs, cheese, and grapes for dinner we OF COURSE roasted marshmallows and ate them with graham crackers for dessert. During our time outside, Julia decided that cooking out was what she wanted to do for her birthday dinner in a few weeks. Sounds good to me!

After dinner, we went in and watched a rented Berenstain Bear video (free month of rentals with Blockbuster new membership - If you thought I'd actually PAY for a movie rental, you don't know me at all!) The first episode in the video was about camping out. Julia was so excited when she saw Brother and Sister Bear eating hotdogs/marshmallows! "That is just like us!" and "We had hot dogs too!" It was the perfect video to cap off our evening.

I hope everyone had a nice Valentine's Day! Happy President's Day tomorrow, and Happy Mardi Gras Tuesday.

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