Friday, February 12, 2010

This-N-That Thursday (on Friday!)

** Julia and I had to go shopping Thursday; those size 4 pants were getting way too short! We headed to Kohls (had merchandise credit there) and found 2 pair of Size 5 slim jeans. We also found a casual pair of black pants in the clearance section that we liked. YAY!

** When Julia and I returned from shopping, we walked in to a rearranged living room. Matt decided that it was finally time to go back to our pre-Christmas arrangement.

** Matt received a text from a professor this week asking for permission to show other students a paper Matt had written as an example of "excellence." This same professor also mentioned Matt in an email. Prof said that other students should look to Matt (and 2 others) as examples of how to correctly do their discussion boards. Yay for Matt. Isn't geekiness grand??!!??!!

** I haven't really had anything to blog about this week. I've been feeling a little down. Job wise, we have no prospects right now to even pretend to get excited about. I'm annoyed, frustrated, and sick of this.

** We are currently under a winter storm warning. Maybe, when I wake up in the morning there will be snow on the ground! Play, play, play! I RARELY go to Columbus (bigger town 35 minutes from home) but of course tomorrow afternoon I have a Dr's appt. Do you think I'll be able to drive in the snow?? Probably not, I'm really not a very good driver.

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  1. I would reschedule and enjoy the snow!! I hope that with warmer weather comes a new job so ya'll can move on from this waiting! God has a plan, I know you know that and that it sounds patronizing, but He really does :)

    I love Khols. Do you ever buy the jumping beans brand? Does it hold up to stains, washings, ect...?