Friday, February 19, 2010

What's on my Icebox??

Christy @ Mommybrain had a recent post that I thought was cute; here I go copying it!

Refrigerators are all unique. The insides are almost all ridiculously similar, but the outside is what really gives a fridge it's character. Here's what the front of mine looks like.

Beautiful, huh??
On top: We've got random magnets, a baby birth announcement (hey Tachenko's!), a Little Hands poem/picture that Audrey's SS class made around Christmas, a Christmas tree Julia decorated, Audrey's ultrasound pics, and a collage I had made (for free) of the girls. I know it's odd to still have Audrey's ultrasound pics up. These were taken at 36 weeks 4 days just to check size, position and such before the scheduled c-section. They're the only US pics I have of her. I LOST the pictures from her first ultrasound. I LOST the ones that actually showed her cute little profile and skeleton body. I LOST the ones that had "it's a girl" and an arrow pointing to her girlness! I just knew that we'd find the good US pics 2+ years ago when we moved to this house, but we didn't - all I have are these late date photos. I don't know why I still have them on display like this; I think I'm still hoping the original Audrey pictures show up eventually.

On the bottom half of the fridge is a letter game for the girls. The batteries are out of it half the time b/c the toy refrigerator routinely talks with no provocation. spooky! There's also a worksheet of Julia's from SS this past week.

The side of my fridge looks like this:

There's a Dec. '08 Chuck E. Cheese picture of Julia, a library group picture shot from Halloween 2008, a flower Julia made in AWANA, a small family picture, and our car tag renewal notices. The renewal notices have been there for a few weeks now. As usual, I've managed to wait until the very last week to actually run up there and pay them. That's an errand the girls and I will have to run sometime next week.

What's on your refrigerator???


  1. pictures of julia & audrey!!!!!!!!!!

  2. absolutely nothing. (we're selling our house) it's kinda sad.