Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Aren't we classy?

We've tried twice before to get Julia to put on a fake tattoo (last summer and again at Halloween) but she was a little scared of them. Unfortunately, I picked out this year's Valentines LAST Feb. 15 or 16 BEFORE I realized Julia disliked them. Today, though, we came home from the library with leftover Princess Valentine tattoos and Julia was all about putting them on. Even Audrey joined in on the fun.

We have a tattoo on each arm...

... and one on Audrey's cheek...

... and one on Julia's neck.


  1. Well, at least make her wait till she's 18 to get her belly button pierced. =)

  2. cute :)

    my children are addicted to fake tattoos. I like the fact that it makes some family members squirm. HA!