Thursday, February 25, 2010

This & That Thursday

* One morning this week, Matt and I were getting dressed while the girls played/jumped around on our bed. Eric Clapton's "Tears In Heaven" came on the IPOD and all of a sudden, the girls really wanted to slow dance. Julia stood on the bed and danced with Matt; Audrey danced with me. They switched partners partways through the song. Julia wanted me to dip her, and Audrey kept pulling Matt's head toward her so she could kiss him. It was one of those life moments where you just want to press PAUSE.

* Matt made dinner tonight. Usually when Matt cooks he sticks to spaghetti, chili, ravioli, or quesadillas. Tonight he ventured a little out of his comfort zone and Chicken Parmesan was on the menu. I don't think I've ever actually eaten this before - tonight was my first taste. It was good; Matt made it pretty spicy. He's aiming to be the next Bobby Flay.

* I only saved 74.4% at Publix today. Julia's excitement when I walked in with boxes of strawberries (3/$5) made the 'indulgence' worth it! A strawberry, jello, and cool whip parfait was made for dessert tonight. Pretty tasty if I do say so myself.

* Julia has gotten a real sassy mouth on her lately. Ex. Matt asked her to clean up a game she left out - she came in the room YELLING at him "I CAN'T PICK THAT UP! I'M TEXTING!!!" oooh- Rarely does her behavior elicit laughter and anger at the same time.

* Audrey's latest (and cutest) word is "Elmocize."

* We have a little movement going on in the job front. Nothing anywhere near certain, but movement makes me smile! Please keep praying.

* I received a phone call one morning this week from my Dad. Apparently, he had a very realistic dream the night before. In the dream I had an incurable/fatal disease that I was not telling him about. He was calling to make sure that dream wasn't true. I assured him that if I do have an incurable disease I certainly don't know about it.

* My typing of this post just got interrupted. Julia accidentally(?) stepped on Audrey's toe; Audrey cried heartily. She also kept saying "toe" and "Ju-Ju." I had to hold on to her for a few minutes, b/c I know my 2nd born. If I had put her down immediately, she would have gone over and hit her big sister. Audrey needed a few minutes to cool off.


  1. I just googled "elmocize". You can tell I do not have a toddler yet! The 'elmo' part did not jump out at me or I might have figured it out. For a second there I thought Audrey had a larger vocabulary than I have! I was like, what in the world does 'elmocize' mean. hahaha

  2. That's funny! Sorry, Jennifer - I should have explained that Elmo (from Sesame Street) has a little workout video for children called "Elmocize" that Audrey has lately been enjoying!