Tuesday, April 27, 2010

2 weeks

I really am a basketcase. The last 2 days of our vacation I longed to get to my house so I could bask in its' comfort. Today, as I was leaving the condo I started getting teary about saying 'good-bye' to our fun filled vacation. I literally was walking down the hallway of our condo with tears in my eyes breathing deeply, blinking rapidly, and in general just doing my best not to actually let any tears fall. Then when we reached the house a few hours later I walked through every room thinking "2 more weeks... (sigh)... just 2 more weeks." :( Melodramatic? yes, but good grief I was sad.

A little while later I got on the computer and checked facebook. The first friend's status update that I saw really put me in my place. "Chemo starts in two weeks."

2 weeks until a move? 2 weeks until chemo???!!!
How silly my sadness seemed.
How trivial!
What was I thinking???

Thank you, Lord, for the change in perspective. How blessed am I to have no real problems right now? I'm healthy. I have 2 healthy children, a healthy husband, and a healthy extended family. Yes, moving can be hard, but come on VAL!!!

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