Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool's!!

This morning I explained to Julia that today was April Fool's Day - a day we could play tricks on Daddy. She was still a little clueless, so I reminded her of the 'trick' we pulled last year~ hiding his boxers. I told her we'd think of something new to do today. While I was making breakfast, she ran in and said "I did it! I hid Daddy's underwears!" Well, at her insistence he went into the bedroom to see what she had done. Julia cackled with excitement when he found the 1 PAIR of boxers that she'd hidden under the bed.

Julia also decided to pull a trick on me. What did she do?? She pulled the covers of my bed down. Stop, Jules - you're killing me! I (of course) had to overreact to this pitiful 'trick.'

JULIA, what did you do???

Haha! I(iiiii) tricked you! (she said in a singsong voice)

To "get" her, I think we're just going to shortsheet her bed again. We did this last year, but I don't think she remembers.