Thursday, April 8, 2010

This & That Thursday

* We had a fabulously long weekend w/ Danny and Jimmie Kay. My broken toilet lid got replaced (at a price that CANNOT be beat!), the bi-fold pantry and laundry room doors were replaced, some blinds were put up, master bath sanding & painting was done (now finished!!), lawn mower blades were sharpened, and I had a TON of help w/ kitchen cleanup and childcare! woohoo!!!

* I've been packing boxes. Nothing is certain with our move, but it is likely. I decided that I'd rather get some of this stuff packed up NOW. Books, picture frames, and excess toys have been the first to disappear inside of a box. If things don't work out, I doubt will miss all of this stuff! (Well... I might miss the cute baby portraits!) I also packed a couple of boxes from my pantry stockpile!

* Where did I get these boxes for packing?? From our shed of course! For close to a year now, I've kept everysingle sturdy box I could find. Diaper and diaper wipes boxes make up the majority of my collection. These are so much sturdier than the free boxes you get at Walmart.

* Audrey called me a "bad Mommy" this week. Why was she mad at me?? Because I allowed Julia to sit in my lap. I offered for Audrey to come sit with us, but that wasn't good enough. If Julia was in my lap AT ALL then I was a "bad Mommy." :(

* It rained today. The trees and grass now look green again instead of yellow from pollen! The bad part was that the only rumbles of thunder of the entire day happened at naptime. It was the perfect excuse for them not to sleep. :( The girls went outside and played around in the light rain of the afternoon. Audrey got an umbrella for Easter that they had to try out.

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