Sunday, April 11, 2010

Frozen veggies

Thanks to my couponing, dinner preparation has become even easier. No longer do I feel the need to stress over something new and different to do with my vegetables. Instead, I just go to the freezer. I let Green Giant and Bird's Eye figure out something tasty to eat, and then I microwave it and put it on our kitchen table. Now, some of you may be all into serving fresh produce all the time instead of canned/frozen and of course that's great! I, however, do not feel this way. Right now, I'd rather save the money. These boxes/bags of Bird's Eye and Green Giant veggies wind up costing me just $0 - $.20 per bag - even the Green Giant Steamers! I can't pass up these easy go-to veggies!

Last night, the vegetable of choice was green beans with almonds. This box exactly.

They tasted pretty good, but I'll admit that the color was a little too green for me. I didn't check the bag, but I feel rather confident in assuming that they added a little something to the beans to make them stand out! You can't really tell from this picture just how green they were.

The girls, of course, weren't into pork, pasta/veggies, and green beans. Here's what Julia's plate looked like. Mandarin oranges, strawberries, and apple slices w/ peanut butter. I do keep plenty of fresh fruit on hand.

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