Thursday, April 22, 2010

This & That Thursday

* We're at the beach! WOOHOO! The one "problem" we had yesterday was that the girls were scared of these tile mosaic dolphins in the kids' Splashpad:

sooooo scary!

* I've noticed this week that Julia not only has my frizzy hair, she also has inherited my purply, blotchy skin. Sorry chick!

* I was rather sad earlier this week. Matt has a new church, the very thing that we've been praying for and wanting since last summer, and yet I about cried myself to sleep Monday night. We will soon be even further from home. Why couldn't we be somewhere that would make travel to and from our parents, siblings, and grandparents simple? I would really love to be near our family so as to actually help out when people get sick. I would love to be nearby so as to celebrate birthdays, holidays, and other special events in person. Hello??!?! 6 years of wanting to move closer, and all I seem to do is move further away.

* I was also rather sad that we'll be moving into an apartment. I'll be able to hear my neighbors; my neighbors will be able to hear us; we'll have to take a walk in order to find a grassy stretch big enough to play on; our living area will be significantly smaller.Way to focus on the negative, Val!!! There are positive things about the apartment: We'll have access to a pool all summer long; Audrey's bedroom will be bigger; I won't have to fork out extra $ to have a repairman come. See?? I can be positive!

Ok, back to our vacation...
* I could literally feel myself destress as I carted our luggage out of the condo's parking lot Tuesday. I L-O-V-E the fact that we're vacationing in a familiar spot that we know and enjoy.

* Audrey has been catching up on sleep that she missed this past weekend. Tuesday night, she climbed right into bed (the TOP BUNK!) and fell asleep within an easy 5 minutes.

* Audrey's also been trying out her swim floaties for the first time. Last year she wore one of those flotation suits, but this year she's more of a big girl.

* and Julia?? Well, Julia's being Julia...

We're having a fabulous time. My mom (Mammy) drove in Wed. afternoon so the rest of this week will be spent with her. Yay!

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  1. I am catching up on your blog :) I haven't been on the computer in days...
    Clay and I lived in an apartment for a year and I LOVED it. We hardly ever heard our neighbors and I loved that someone else took care of the yard and broken appliances! It takes some getting used to but the perks are wonderful!
    I am so glad that Matt got a job but I know how hard change is :(. I hope that you love your new home and church!