Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Going home

We've been out of town for 11 days now. I'm ready to go home. Our trip last weekend and our vacation at the beach has been great. We've had lots of fun and seeing my family was wonderful, but I miss home. I miss the familiarity and comfort of my house. Plus, I feel as if I really should cherish every second that I'm there since we're moving in 2 weeks. In fact, I'm sitting here crying right now just thinking about packing everything up and saying "goodbye" to a house that holds so many memories.

Perhaps I'm a little extra emotional right now (occasionally these things called hormones take control of me) but I've just loved this stage of my life so much that it makes me sad to see it go. Not everything about our lives in Phenix City has been wonderful. In fact, most likely everyone reading this blog knows just how trying the last few months (errr... 10 months) have been for us. But this house is where the 3 of us became 4. It's where I've seen my girls fall in love with each other. It's where countless laughs, hugs, and kisses have been shared. Perhaps my problem is more with being sad that the girls are getting older. Perhaps my problem is that I am now starting to feel the fleeting time that older adults always talk about. Perhaps I'm scared of uncertainty and therefore I'm wanting to cling to what I know and love. Perhaps I'm hormonal. Perhaps...

I do know that Sunday evening, we were all sitting on the couch in our condo watching "Good Luck, Charlie" (Disney sitcom) and I couldn't have been happier. I had my husband, my girls, and a blanket to snuggle with; it was perfection. Right then and there, I had a nice few moments of calm reminding myself that in 3 weeks (after we've packed, moved, and unpacked) if I can spend a few lazy moments sitting on our couch snuggling with these 3 people, then I'll have my home with me... even if it is 300 miles away.

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  1. What you're feeling is normal. I'm already feeling twinges of fleeting time, and I don't even have any kids! Just cherish the time you have, where you have it, and always know that God has your best interests at heart. It may be hard to leave the house that's given you some very happy memories, but God only has better things in store for you around the corner!