Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hotel, hotel!

I just thought I'd write a few things about our time in the hotel so far!

* The beds in our hotel room are rather high. Audrey can't get into one by herself. I feel as if I have to toss her onto a bed at least once every 5 minutes.

* Hotel rooms aren't really entertaining for children. I brought a backpack of toys, but the girl's have pretty much been sticking to the TV. They've put on their high-heeled shoes they're so fond of, but it's just not as fun (i.e. LOUD) on carpet! Oh well - lots of TV, it's just one morning right??

* I didn't have to cook or clean up breakfast. Fabulous!!!

* Getting the girls to go to sleep last night took awhile. We started out with them in the same bed. Yeah... that didn't work. After we separated them, Julia went to sleep relatively quickly, but Audrey was up for a good hour more. Audrey's just so used to sleeping all by herself. Julia on the other hand co-slept with us until she was... well, actually, she still winds up in our bed at some point almost every night. So sleeping with other people in the room isn't unusual for her.

* It's now bathtime for the girls. I didn't bring any toys for them to play with - we'll see how long they can entertain themselves with hotel issued plastic cups and soaps.

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