Wednesday, March 17, 2010

In honor of Amy K...

Since Matt's sister is so very fond of my couponing posts, I felt that I must share this week's Publix trip with blogworld...

We had a pretty good visit today. Before Publix, I stopped by Chick-Fil-A. Our CFA was giving out free sandwiches for those wearing green. Yes, I got the girls OUT of the car to walk inside CFA, order sandwiches (sans pickles off course!) and leave immediately! They didn't even protest not getting to play on the playground - Thanks Girlies!

We get to Publix and the girls start chowing down. During our shopping trip, they had their sandwiches (partially eaten), a cookie (Publix bakery gives each child a free cookie!), a sample of apple turnover, a sample of oranges, and a sucker. I also had an apple in my bag, but we never had to bother with that. I'm writing all this to say that with so much food in front of them to eat, the usual grocery store whining was NOT an issue at all! Wow! Fabulous.

Allright, this is for you Amy K!

$18.18 (tax included) bought me:
5 bags chicken nuggets/tenders
1 dozen eggs
2 pints sour cream
12 Yoplait yogurts cups
4 Taco Bell dinners
1 McCormick grinder
1 box Krusteaz cookie mix
2 boxes Uncles Bens rice
2 lbs Muellers spaghetti
2 boxes Fruit Loops
2 packages Lance crackers
1 32 load All detergent
1 lb Strawberries
1.3 lbs bananas


  1. First of all, it is huge honor to be mentioned in the TITLE of a blogpost!!! Second, its not fair because I don't think stores double coupons here anymore. Kroger used to do it on Wednesdays, but I don't think they even do that anymore. I clip coupons from 2 different papers every Sunday & I'm lucky to save $12 at the grocery store. I'm in awe of you!!!!!

  2. I'm pretty in awe of your shopping success as well!!! I once thought about starting that coupon thing...but it never really happened.

  3. I just started couponing...thanks to I heart publix!!!! It ROCKS!