Thursday, March 4, 2010

This & That Thursday

* The birthday cake (Julia) and birthday cookie (Audrey) have been ordered! We've also finished birthday shopping for them. Our house will be fun, fun this week with celebrations!

* Matt can be a great help around the house. He folded a bunch of laundrey while I was out today, and he regularly helps with dinner. If he's not actually helping MAKE dinner then he's usually entertaining the girls so I can cook in peace. :) He also fixes the girls bed pretty much every day (making beds is something I do NOT care about!) The only chore he HAS NOT mastered is the fine art of changing the toilet paper roll.

* Our Blockbuster selections this week have centered around the Berenstain Bears videos. I did get to watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button!

* The girls helped me make cornbread Monday.

* Matt thinks that Julia and I have synchronized hormonal changes. In his opinion, we get crazy on the same days.

* The girls walked into the children's area at the library Wednesday and came face-to-face with a German shepherd. "Kayla" is a nursing home/rehabilitation dog that came to visit the preschool story hour. Neither of my kids would touch her.

* We discovered that the girls both prefer the middle of the oreo...

* Matt suggested I make homemade chicken nuggets Tuesday night. I'd forgotten, but he said I'd made them before. My nuggets must have been good, b/c the girls actually ate their meat. Yes... both of them... at the same meal... ate meat! Julia's already requesting that I make them again.

* We've been taking more and more baby items to consignment/goodwill. I might not actually WANT to get rid of it all, but we are running out of room for all of our STUFF.

* Audrey can now open the refrigerator door. I don't like that.

* I got excited last week and ordered Audrey some big girl panties from Children's Place - clearance AND free shipping made them cheaper than Walmart/Fruit of the Loom! She loves wearing them OVER her diaper, but she wouldn't stop moving to let me take a picture.

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  1. Yay for birthday cookies!!! That's what I always have, since I've never really cared for cake. But as a kid, my mom always had cupcakes or something like that at my birthday parties, for the kids who really wanted cake.

    The middle of the Oreos is the best. That's the only part I eat too!!! Luckily, my mom likes the outsides, so it's like a dis-assembly line when we attack a package of Oreos! I open them, eat the middles, and hand her the cookie part. :o)

    Just admit it. Your girls are growing up wayyyy faster than I'm sure you want them to. :o( Opening refrigerator doors, big girl panties, getting rid of the baby stuff...I'm told by parents that the kids grow before your very eyes. Are y'all going to have any more? Or are you stopping at two?