Thursday, March 18, 2010

This & That Thursday

* Today, we're heading to (even) Lower AL for a church related weekend. This is a preliminary visit, but we're excited about learning a little more about this ministry. We're also excited b/c one of the church members is letting us stay at their beach house for the weekend. We'll obviously be spending plenty of time with church stuff, but there will also be time for PLAY!

* We're going to be gone from Thursday to Monday. Packing has been rather fun.
Not really.
I think everything, Everything, EVERYTHING needs to go with us; Matt doesn't feel the same way. Occassionally this causes a little friction! :) Isn't it obvious that the girls each need play chilly clothes, play warm clothes, nice chilly clothes, and nice warm clothes for each day that we're there?? Not to mention shoes, pj's, and HAIRBOWS!!!!

* If you read this often, you know that I'm frugal... cheap... a tightwad - whatever! This has really come to light this week as we prepare for our beach house trip. Sane people would plan on doing a light grocery shopping trip when they reached their destination. I, however, have become (what is affectionately?? termed in our house) a couponazi. The idea of going into a grocery store blind to pick up 4days worth of groceries/paper goods freaks me out. Seriously- I'm not kidding, just the idea of that causes stress. SO... we've got BAGS of groceries going PLUS a cooler. thankyouverymuch!

Other happenings this week...
* Our Blockbuster month long free membership is over, BUT Redbox had free rentals for St. Patrick's Day. I watched The Time Traveler's Wife (ehhh) and the girls got to watch Disney's The Princess and The Frog. "The Princess and the Frog" is set in New Orleans - Audrey LOVED all the jazz music. She was bopping around like crazy.

* We're still doing ok reguarding our plumbing. Thank Goodness!

* Matt's mom brought us gnocchi when she visited last week. I'd never eaten it before and certainly had no idea how to serve it. So, while searching for side items the other day I decided to serve the gnocchi mixed with a canned tomato sauce. I thought the concoction tasted ok, but my girls SCARFED that stuff down!!!!!!!!!!! Audrey ate 4 helpings. wow! Thanks JK!

* I think that's about all for now! Keep us in your prayers as we travel and as Matt and the committee talk.

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  1. I admire your frugality. Why pay full price when u can get it cheaper or free! U are especially amazing at grocery shopping!! We are Netflix members. U can get a free 2 week trial at We sometimes get coupons n the mail 2 give 2 friends for a free 1 month trial. Will send u 1 if we get any more. Have a safe, fun trip. Will keep u all in our prayers.