Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A new goal

I've been dewallpapering our bathrooms. The girls' bath is finished. Taking the wallpaper off in there was easy and (dare I say) fun. I used a vinegar/water solution that made the room stink but that took the wallpaper off by the yard - no scraper (for the most part) necessary!

But that was then...

...and this is now.

The wallpaper in the master bath is not fun to remove because it has NOT been EASY. Wallpaper removal now feels like work. I started off using the same vinegar/water solution at room temp that I used in the girls' bath. It didn't work well. I decided to make sure the solution was hot/warm and actually WAIT before working. That didn't work well either. Then, I went to just room temp water. This worked.... ok. It was slow going, but it was halfway getting the job done.

We found out that Meme and Pop are coming to visit again next weekend. I told them that my goal was to have the master bath completed by the time they arrived. During the conversation with them, Meme reminded me that we had seen a suggestion online about using a Fabric Softener/water solution to take off wallpaper. Monday night, I decided to try it out. I grabbed some Snuggle and got to work.

Did the Fabric Softener solution make things easier?





Fabric Softener did not make it easy to remove wallpaper. In fact, it was (BY FAR!!) worse than anything else I have tried. Plus, the smell was bad. Alot of Snuggle squirted in your bathroom DOES NOT smell like Fresh Rain. Instead, it smells like sweet chemicals. Bleh...

Since it's been slow going, I do not think I'm going to be able to have the room completed by the time Meme and Pop get here. My goal now is to have the wallpaper completely off by Thursday night, and to spackle Friday. When Meme and Pop come Saturday - the spackle should be dry and I (we????) can sand and finally paint!

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