Thursday, March 25, 2010

This & That Thursday

* Matt was talking about his latest class. He said, "This class covers the doctrine of God and the doctrine of scripture; it doesn't even touch Jesus." Julia was apparently listening in b/c she quickly responded, "Of course you can't touch Jesus. You can't get into your heart!" Theology from a 4 year old...

* Audrey's latest phrase is "Audra's turn!" She said this over and OVER last weekend in reference to getting to pick which DVD to watch in the car. We found out quickly that she wasn't 100% sure of the meaning. If Julia chose the movie, Audrey would freak out and with teary eyes moan, "Audra's turn!" We would say, "Yes, it's Audrey's turn, " and she'd be perfectly fine... even if the movie was still one that Julia chose. Audrey just wanted it to be said that it was her turn.

* Tuesday, I successfully refilled my ink printer cartridge all by myself. Woo hoo! I'd never tried that before! At least I hope I was successful. As soon as I type that this was a success my printer will probably explode.

* This whole wheat pasta that I've been buying ($.15 per box) is actually pretty good! None of us have minded the switch.

* I've been getting hand-me-downs out of boxes for Audrey's summer wear. She also has a few new items thanks to her grandparents. I wish I were joking when I say that she has NO LESS than 2 dozen choices for her summer Sunday mornings. I think I'll go through everything and give some of those hand-me-downs to Goodwill.

* Tonight is Pajama Party Movie Night - we're watching Emmett Otter's Jugband Christmas.

* After a weeklong reprieve from wallpapering (partially b/c of our trip and partially b/c of laziness) I'm now finished spackling and sanding and am ready to paint the girl's bath! YAY!

* As I type this, Matt and the girls are listening to Michael Jackson and moonwalking around the living room.

Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. Loved the beach photos.
    That comment from Julia was adorable. A friend of mine journals (and blogs) all the cute things her three year old says. They are so precious at that age. I can't wait to see what Keziah will say when she starts talking.
    We're off to J-town this weekend. We should try to coordinate our visits to the g-parents so we are both there at the same time! :o)

  2. Love Emmett Otters Jugband Christmas!!!!!