Sunday, March 21, 2010

Picnic on the Beach

After all our church stuff was over this afternoon, Matt and I took the girls back to the cabin to rest/nap. We had been hoping to head to the beach for playtime, but the weather turned cold. Instead we opted to pack a picnic and eat dinner by the water. As soon as we got everything and everybody ready to go we opened the cabin doors and noticed that the clear blue skies had turned overcast. We were extra chilly now, but decided that we needed to take advantage of the beach while we were here.

As we took our sandals off and started walking on the cold sand, we realized that sitting on towels right by the water was not going to happen. It was way too cold for that! Instead, we ran to some nearby covered chairs to sit in. The covering wasn't the typical umbrella that most condo's put on their chairs. It was more like a hood, and it created a half-tent for all 4 of us to comfortably sit in. We weren't guests in the condo that provided these chairs, but since there was literally NO ONE else within sight on the sand we didn't feel bad about using one.

Our picnic was entertaining. We were (mostly) sheltered from the wind and kept pretty warm except when the girls insisted on moving around. As soon as we would get snug, the girls would shuffle between me and Matt or they'd take a break from eating to go chase the seagulls for approximately 7.5 seconds. The 4 of us ate, laughed, and made plenty of silly face pictures - which I'll post when we get home!

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