Thursday, March 11, 2010

This & That Thursday

* Meme and Pop (Matt's parents) headed home this morning. They came to town LATE Friday night to join in on our birthday celebrations this week. Jimmie Kay encouraged me to go ahead and start a bathroom painting project that I've wanted to do for months. What kept me from doing this project was that before I could paint the bathrooms, I'm having to remove wallpaper. JK and I got to going on this project, and it is going easier that I expected! YAY! What a nice way for me to welcome guests in my home... start tearing up the bathroom that they are using!

* This week, Matt and Danny (his dad) replaced a rotted belt in my Jeep, slowed down my Jeeps' antifreeze leak, fixed a hole in the master bath, AND fixed a clog problem we had with our drains. Tuesday, the master shower started backing up like crazy! YUCK! Of course, showers backing up are better than toilets... I'm glad Matt had someone around to help him with this issue.

* I spent just under $25 at Publix this morning, and I'm mad at myself for spending so much.

* Audrey's latest complete thought, "Mean girl, be nice!" She is watching 101 Dalmations.

* I've been reading some Karen Kingsbury books lately that I've enjoyed. It's been nice for me to read something that I enjoy (i.e. FICTION!!!) that doesn't tend to get too trashy. Any other Christian or just plain 'clean' authors you all would suggest?


  1. I don't read much fiction, but am on the Library Committee at church and know that a lot of women seem to enjoy Lori Wick and Janet Oke books in addition to Karen Kingsbury. Although not fiction, Beth Moore's books are also very popular.