Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Thank you, Audrey

The girls and I follow a pretty predictable schedule. Wednesday starts off with story hour at the library and is almost always followed by a trip to Publix. I pulled into the parking lot of the library and realized that I had committed a major mommy sin.

I left the house without an extra diaper.

We enjoyed our library Easter Egg Hunt and spent some time with friends there. Then, as we were checking out our choices for the week, I smelled it. I wasn't surprised. Audrey's pretty "regular" and changing her diaper while we're at the library happens 3 out of 4 trips. But this time I had no diaper! I could have asked someone else for one - but I was rather embarrassed. Plus, the people there that I know best don't have children in diapers anymore. There is one mom that I wouldn't mind asking that has a child in diapers, but he's a newborn. Audrey wears a size 4. Size 1/newborn would never fit!

So... I shuffled the girls into the bathroom and checked out the situation hoping that I could just flush the stinky stuff. I realized quickly that wasn't an option. After a few minutes of trying a few different things (of which I won't go into detail) I finally pulled out a disposable changing pad out of the diaper bag. Thank goodness it was in there! I folded it in half and positioned it on her diaper area and then pulled her pants up. Since Audrey was in jeans (heavier than most other pants/shorts) everything looked normal!

Most mommies would then hightail it back to the house.

I'm not most mommies.

Most mommies would go ahead to Publix but buy diapers ASAP to change the child.

I'm not most mommies.

I decided to risk it, and we hit up Publix and Walgreens with Audrey not wearing a diaper. Was that a stupid decision? Probably, but I just didn't want to have to drive back into town later, nor did I want to have to pay retail for some Huggies! Fortunately, she stayed dry. Thank you, Audrey!


  1. WOW ... I am cracking up reading this! And yes you are not most mommies but I could so see myself doing the same thing in your situation!