Thursday, May 6, 2010

Breathing easy

I've been freaking out lately. I'm sure everyone reading this is shocked over that since normally I deal very **cough** sensibly with the stresses in life. :)

This week, my worries have centered around the sale of our home. Ex. How long will it take? How much will we be able to sell it for? What will our finances look like after this is all over? Etc... I was even reduced to tears yesterday afternoon b/c of the stress I'd put on myself. Julia was extremely sweet in the way she comforted me. She has also been very protective of me since then. This morning, Matt and I were joking about something and Julia (not understanding that we were kidding around) said, "Daddy, stop it. We don't want Mommy to *sniff sniff* like she did yesterday." Yes, the child actually mimicked me crying with a few "sniff sniffs!" It was very sweet and funny.

After lunch today, the girls and I snuggled on my bed and watched an episode of Dora the Explorer. I got to thinking right then about my "stresses." Yes, moving and selling a house are a big deal,but... they're really not all that humongous of a deal. Some of you that regularly read this blog have gone through times in your lives that were (are) so much harder!

My parents and my in-laws are all healthy. My husband and I have both been blessed with our health as well, and my children... well, I cannot begin to imagine the pain that some of you have experienced reguarding children. I haven't had to deal with much of anything in comparison to what others have been asked to handle. My load is light, and yet I still struggle to carry it. Not today! Today, I'm going to "let tomorrow worry about itself." Today, I'm going to pack, plan, and prepare our family for this upcoming change in our lives, and I'm going to appreciate the fact that my struggles are wonderfully few.

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