Saturday, May 22, 2010

It's been a rough week.
Rough, most definitely.
Most often my anxiety has been due to high feelings of loneliness and boredom.


But, things have been going pretty well the last 24 hours or so. I'm crediting the fact that Matt has spent the last day putting picture frames and such up on our walls. Plus, he's been at home and therefore my feelings of loneliness have been lessened.

After dinner last night we headed out to the pool for a swim. Julia LOVED this b/c it meant that she didn't have to wear sunscreen. I was surprised to find that we had the place to ourselves. Perhaps everyone else had something else to do on their Friday nights.

We've been having the girls "practice" swimming floatie free during the first few minutes of every trip to the pool.

I also wanted to get a picture of Julia. Here's all I could get when I asked her to pose.

Surprising her mid turn of the head though produced a much prettier photo. Of course, she got mad at me immediately after this pic was taken. The child isn't into the camera right now.

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  1. Your girls are so cute! Audrey really reminds me of your brother when he was younger :)