Friday, May 7, 2010

Too many toys!

My girls have alot of toys! Some of their toys I enjoy. What can be cuter than little girls playing "mommy"?????? Granted, my girls don't need 6 baby dolls each, but they are totally hooked on their favorite babies. Julia's Katie is on the left. Audrey's Brody is on the right. Don't these babies look... loved??

Then there is dress up! I LOVE having the girls use their imaginations by putting on dressup clothes and shoes. What a classic sound it is to hear little girls clickety-clack around in their princess high heels. Excuse the cardboard moving box underneath our dressup chest. :)


There are some toys that I want to have "disappear" during our move. One of them is this Cootie game. Whenever we try to play this game it winds up being played for approximately 57 seconds and somehow in the short time frame, the little beans get strewn all over the floor.

I was also planning on having the Polly Pockets disappear during our move. I'm now rethinking that decision. Since soooo many of their other toys have been packed up recently the girls have come to rely heavily on these little mini-Barbie thing-a-ma-jigs. Our Polly Pocket basket is now pulled out multiple times a day. I guess we'll be keeping them after all.

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  1. Baby dolls and dress up are definitely good for exercising the imagination...makes me want to play with some right now! I miss being a little girl...