Thursday, May 20, 2010

This & That Thursday

* All of you know that I'm easygoing, carefree, and laid back. Therefore, the transition to living in a new place has been totally and completely easy.

Ok, no it hasn't. Not at all. I won't go into detail, but let's just say that my sister-in-law very sweetly emailed me this week to check on how we were adjusting to our new place and she received back a tad bit more than the standard "we're doing fine" response. Thanks for checking on us, Amy!

*The girls have enjoyed exploring the area. We've checked out Robertsdale's city playground, ventured out of town in order to go to Walmart, frequented the swimming pool, revisited the library, met a few of the neighboring kids, and played in a few sprinkles of rain.

We've also enjoyed some cake.

* The most exciting thing that happened today was our finding the long lost remote control. Last summer (seriously 8-9 months ago at least) we misplaced this thing and consequently had to change the TV channels manually (how 1960's). Fortunately, while looking for a missing DVD case (that I never did find) I turned up a couch cushion and there was the remote. I guess it got "all shook up" in the move!

* Moving towns also means that I am having to figure out the new area's Publix couponing policy. I know everyone reading this is very interested in knowing that the Publix we went to this week does not double coupons. BOO!! My Green Giant Steamers were a whopping $.69/$.70 this week instead of $.19/$.20! :( **But, the new Publix definitely has a longer list of competitor coupons that they accept. That will be nice!

* I'm trying to think of something interesting and entertaining to type up for your enjoyment, but absolutely nothing is coming to me. I'm drawing a blank. So, adios blog people!


  1. Hey, if you need to vent about moving/adjusting/the horrible new publix .... whatever, feel free to call me. Being a big 'venter' myself, I make a good listener as well. :o)

    Hope things settle in to routine soon!

  2. I can definately sympathisize with the moving pains. I'm having a veyr hard time adjusting to it myself. It is just hard...I am trying to stay positive, but some days it is harder than others!

  3. I am sorry! Is that Publix the really new, nice one?
    It will get easier and easier. I know you have moved about as much as I have, so you know this :) I HATED this town when I first moved here and now I love it.

  4. Thanks for the support everyone!

    Christy, the closest Publix to me is in Fairhope. It's definitely nice and new; have you been there?