Saturday, May 29, 2010


I had another long and not so great day today. Although tonight has been pretty good! Right now I'm sitting on the patio and enjoying the rain. It's the perfect amount of rain (no storms for me THANK YOU!) AND I've got a good WIFI connection outside (we're not planning on paying for service until the fall when Matt needs reliable internet service for school) AND Matt cooked dinner tonight AND Matt cleaned up from dinner tonight AND the girls fell asleep pretty easily AND the breeze is making me a little chilly (what a refreshing change!) AND the armadillo must be hiding out from the rain b/c I've been out here for 45 minutes and heard nothing from him. YAY!

umm yeah - before I could hit 'publish' I heard Audrey crying, but I'm just going to let Matt deal with that too. Don't judge me.


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  1. It's nice to sit and let other people do things sometimes! Hope you enjoyed it =)