Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Moving - Day 1

I've been attempting to sleep for the last hour, but it didn't work. Since we're in a hotel tonight, Matt and I had to go to bed extra early so that the girls would actually fall asleep at a decent hour. Matt has had no problems getting that extra rest, but here I am wide awake. I thought I'd share some pictures of today's activities.

Before we could actually load the truck, the girls had to go up and down the ramp a few (dozen) times.

Then Audrey tried out the "Mama's Attic" to see just how high up it was.

I wanted a family pic in front of the house. Here's a closer up shot. Please excuse the way I look - it is moving day, remember??!!?! Can you see the sneer in Julia's face? She doesn't like staged pictures to be taken of her.

The girls loved performing on these mini "stages." These big trucks have a wonderful echo!

They also got a kick out of using the water hose as a microphone.

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  1. I love the pictures!

    I hope the move continues well and you get settled quickly!