Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tired of good-byes

Yesterday, we were thrilled to be able to spend an afternoon and evening with close friends before leaving Phenix City. We swam, we ate, we watched baseball (their nephew plays for the Cardinals) and we just enjoyed some time with these people. I have considered this family to be "friends" of ours for a few years now, but in the last 10 months I have realized that they were even more special to us than I had previously given them credit for. As soon as Matt resigned at Summerville, we dropped off of the majority of our "friends" radars. How nice it has been to have a few nearby that we still feel close to. I will most definitely miss the Mobley family.

BUT... with that said...

I'm ready to get this move over with. I've had a million emotions over this move... dread, anticipation, excitement, fear, etc... I'm tired of the roller coaster! I'm also tired of boxes all over my house! I'm tired of playing the same 2 games with Julia and Audrey b/c all the other games are packed up. I'm tired of not having all of the dairy/produce items I want on hand. I'm tired of saying "goodbye" to people and places. I'm just plain tired! I want to get settled down, and I want to start feeling at home in our new home.

Danny and Jimmie Kay (Matt's parents) are driving in tomorrow to help us this week with the move. I can't wait until they get here. I might be ready for this move to be over, but I'm still full of anxiousness. Having family around makes me feel calmer.

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  1. It's SO hard to feel unsettled. Praying that it will go quick for you guys!!