Thursday, May 6, 2010

This & That Thursday

* Thank you to Walmart, Starbucks, Lifeway, and Barnes & Noble for the cardboard boxes. It would be a travesty to have to actually pay for packing supplies.

* I bought PopTarts at Publix today (BOGO + coupon + our need for easy go-to breakfasts/snacks this next week)... I'm rather proud that a minute ago Julia said, "Can I have one of those thingies with sprinkles?" I eventually realized that she meant the aforementioned Pop-Tarts. Kudos to us for having children that aren't familiar w/ PopTarts! (We'll skip out talking about all the unhealthy things they ARE familiar with...)

* My mom made a Facebook photo album today titled "Hand-me-downs." In it she put pictures of Julia and then pictures of Audrey wearing Julia's old clothes. Apparently, she finds this humorous; I just find it to be sound financial management. :)
***UPDATE*** Mom has since contacted me and said that she made this album in order to look at the differences in the girls when they were at the same age NOT b/c she found my using hand-me-downs humorous.

* If anyone is in the Phenix City area Wednesday (and feels a compulsive need to clean) then stop by and help us get ready to SELL THIS HOUSE!

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