Monday, May 31, 2010

Missing milestones

We've lived in Robertsdale for 19 days. Yesterday was the very FIRST time I'd been away from the girls. I was only gone for 1 hour and 15 minutes (VBS meeting) and OF COURSE during those 75 minutes that I was away I missed a milestone.

Audrey's first "use the potty" milestone!!!!!!!!!

Good for you, little Audrey! But next time please reach these milestones when Mommy is at home instead of on the rare occasions that I'm not with you. I'd appreciate it, thanks!

Today, seeing as how I've been going crazy at home, Matt sent me off to find somewhere to read and WIFI on my own. Since libraries are closed it took me awhile to find somewhere to do that. I'd been driving around Baldwin county for 1 hour (extremely frustrated by this time) only to receive a phone call informing me that I'd missed milestone #2.

pardon the pun


  1. Yay, Audrey!! May I ask what milestone #2 was? Hang in there!!

  2. Sorry - apparently I wasn't as clear as I initially thought!
    Yesterday, Audrey went "pee-pee" in the potty.
    Today, Audrey went "poo-poo" in the potty.

    Ahhhh - what a wonderful post topic! At least I didn't include pictures!!! ;)

  3. Oh, I feel soo stupid!! Of course, milestone # 2. When you said, "pardon the pun," I thought you were referring to a road milestone since you were out driving. I'm probably the only one who "didn't get it". So sorry. Yay again for Audrey!!

  4. There will be lots more milestones that you'll be there for. Don't worry. At least she's going in the potty!! That's great!