Thursday, May 27, 2010

This & That Thursday

* Matt was gone from Tuesday morning until Wednesday night with a church event. It was a long 2 days! We visited a few playgrounds, couponed for some free body wash, and watched a good bit of Barney.

* My Dad called me Tuesday morning to ask me a favor. During the conversation he wound up asking me how things were going settling in. After my tearful response of, "Matt and the girls are doing ok, but I... I... I'mnotsogreat,butIcan'ttalkaboutit.Let'schangethesubject" Dad willingly changed the subject. I did, however, receive this delivery the next morning from him and Lisa. He said he had wanted to do something for me, but wasn't sure what to do from so far away. Thanks y'all!

* I keep losing things this week. The Barney DVD case wound up stuck under the couch, the mailbox key was washed and dried, and a few other little things have disappeared/reappeared. I feel like I can't focus on anything!

* My girls aren't the only ones that enjoyed the "Festival of Champions" Sunday night. A little girl from church enjoyed it so much her parents hosted a "Festival of Hayes" get together this morning. We all had a good time socializing with Hayes' family and friends!

* We have an armadillo that lives in the shrubbery in front of our apartments. Ick! Although, I'm glad I finally know what the rustling sound is!

Happy Thursday!

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