Thursday, May 13, 2010

This & That Thursday

*Moving Day 2 went well. We cleaned... and cleaned... and cleaned... but now we're done YAY!!!!

* I cried (just a teeny bit) when I took a last quick walk through into the girls' pink (Audrey) and purple (Julia) rooms. I also cried as I locked the backdoor and headed to the car.

* Then I got over it. I might have loved the time we spent in our house - but I've taken the most important part of our HOME with us.

* Katie's head almost fell off this week. Who's Katie?? Well, in case you haven't learned from previous posts - this is Katie.

Don't worry, Dr. Meme has already performed surgery.

* I'm really hoping that with our multiple carloads to the dump and to Goodwill that we'll have downsized enough to fit into our apartment.

* After a long day of cleaning, I took the girls to the hotel pool.

* Today, we're driving and moving in. This should be the more "fun" stuff. It will involve settling in instead of uprooting. Plus, unpacking is always so much easier and faster than packing. Don't you think??

* Thank you, Danny and Jimmie Kay, for coming down to help out this week!!!!!! We would be lost without the 2 of you, and I (seriously) needed your calming influence. High strung??? me?? what? No Way!

* I'm not sure when we'll get internet service set up so my facebooking and blogging might be a little low this next little bit. Thanks for reading!

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  1. From Analisa Skumautz (your "old neighbor" on Lee Rd 2041)
    I love I Heart Publix too, and when I notice other people have blogs too, I randomly look at them to see what other people talk about and save. I came across you and thought "Hey I know this person, :-)"
    I was shocked and surprised to see the for sale sign in your yard and you guys moving. It was nice meeting you and I hope you guys get settled soon and fast. God bless you where you may go.